The duty to warn

City hall, organization or company?

A reference for risk management 

Warn. Mobilise. Protect.


City Halls

Exercise your duty to protect against risk with confidence

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Critical infrastructures & industrial sites

Instantly alert people at risk and mitigate the consequences

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Private and para-public sector

Customize your alert messages and mobilize your stakeholders

Trela software carte

A simple & interactive portal

In a few clicks, send an alert to all subscribers in your municipality and mobilise stakeholders to manage the crisis.

Focus on Trela

Towns working with us

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"In a few clicks, I can send an alert to all subscribers in my municipality and mobilise stakeholders to manage the crisis."
"I don't have to search anymore. I am alerted when it concerns me and I consult the information that matters to me where I want and when I want."

About data privacy

By design, the Trela solution integrates the principles of privacy and confidentiality at the heart of its architecture.

100% compliant with data privacy protection regulations in place, including GDPR, Trela is a Made in France solution and all data is hosted in a French cloud. Trela users can subscribe and unsubscribe at any time, and manage their preferences easily.

Only authorized users designated at the time of contracting with Intersec are allowed to issue alerts via the platform.

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Discovery offer

With Trela, orchestrate alerts and critical information according to the scope and kinetics of each event, with ease.

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About the publisher of Trela

Trela is offered by Intersec, a French software company specialized in mobile data processing since 2004. Uncontested leader, the Intersec Public Warning Solutions cover 28 % of the population in the European Union.

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